Just start

If you are interested in specific product content, use the "Download Filter" located on the left side of the screen. The various available filters are Product, Color, Size & Finishes.

Select using a single filter or multiple filters to go deeper into the product structure.

Use the "File Category" filter to filter out specific product content from our wide variety of content as per the various file categories available such as Image, PDF, Video, Audio, Docx and Zip.

Select your files

Select an individual file by clicking on the checkbox available just below the image/file. To deselect the selected file, click on the tick mark available below the image/file. You may even select multiple files.

Click on the "LOAD MORE" button to load more images/files. To select all the images/files, click on the checkbox available next to "SELECT ALL". The "SELECT ALL" is located on top of the images/files and next to the filters.

Note: Only the images/files that are available on the current screen will be selected using the select all option.

Complete download

Once you have selected the desired images/files, click on the “DOWNLOAD ALL SELECTED” button located just below the download filters on the left side of the screen.

All the selected files will now be converted and downloaded as a single zip file.