Quadro Tiles


Generous formats and calming natural colors underline the subtle, restrained surface effect of Quadro Tiles. 

An exquisite tone-on-tone colored fine stone chip texture and a soft-finished surface lend Quadro paving its timeless elegance.

Technical Specifications


Multi Colour

Single Colour

Technical Details

Shape (mm) Thickness (mm) Size ca.kg/m² Requirement/m²
400 X 40040Medium946.25
400 X 40050Medium1186.25
400 X 40060Medium1426.25
500 X 50040Medium944
500 X 50050Medium1184
500 X 50060Medium1424


  • Nativo
  • Nativo

    "Homogeneous, uniform surface which is not surface treated after production. The natural stone aggregates on the surface are encapsulated with the concrete of the defined colour. Concrete and / or UV-resistant pigments are the dominant tones"

  • Pure
  • Pure

    "Fine, homogeneous surface. Through a laborious finishing process during production and curing, the precious face layer is highly compacted and optimized to produce a homogeneous close surface texture."

  • Velvetised
  • Velvetised

    "Surface blasted with micro-fine particles, during which process the natural stone aggregates are exposed to a small degree. The surface is gently roughened and the natural stone aggregates glint through."

  • Fino
  • Fino

    "We polish the surface several times using state-of-the-art polishing technologies with industrial diamonds. Depending on the grade of the grinding and polishing, surfaces of different smoothness and lustre or shine can be created. All of which have one thing in common: a soft, silky glow."

  • Ferro
  • Ferro

    "By blasting the surface with fine steel shot, we expose the natural stone aggregates within it; the particles are also chipped and display their natural substrates in full beauty and brilliance. Through this process, the surface texture is deepened providing a good anti-slip surface."

  • Finerro
  • Finerro

    "Initially ground the surface then gains its noble character through the ferro treatment. Large aggregates in the facing especially come to the fore in this process."

  • Silico
  • Silico

    "The surface of the stone is processed with special brushes. This is how it gains it's very fine, smoothed, matt, silky surface with very particular feel: the stone is particularly soft to the touch, whilst retaining a surface texture."


Laying Formats

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